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Prague, 9.11.2011


With regard to the two-year cooperation we would like to express our satisfaction with your courier services, as far as the following is concerned: the delivery of consignments in time, communication with your employees, with your thoroughness especially in cases when addresses are not provided exactly or the registered office of the company is changed.

Further, we appreciate the on-line ordering system “tailor-made” directly to needs of the UNIQA insurance company, including the exact overview of consignments from their ordering up to invoicing.

We have to say that the company Racek Kurýr s.r.o. always reacted, also in extraordinary situations, maximally towards the satisfaction of our clients.

We appreciate the above-standard approach of your couriers solving any discrepancies immediately, always arriving neat in your uniform and they are decent.

We appreciate your responsiveness, willingness, flexibility, and mainly reliability.

With respect to the aforementioned we can recommend using services of the company RACEK KURÝR s.r.o. to all entities interested in selecting a high-quality provider of courier services in Prague.

With best regards
Ing. Zbyněk Veselý

Vice Chairman
UNIQA pojišťovna a.s.

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in Prague on July 11, 2012

To whom it may concern

LBBW Bank CZ a.s. – the bank operating in the Czech market since 1991, its 100% shareholder has been Landesbank Baden-Württemberg since 1 September 2008; it has been using very regularly the services provided by the courier service RACEK KURÝR s.r.o. already since 2009.

We use especially the urgent delivery of consignments up to one hour in Prague, the standard delivery up to two hours in Prague, then outside Prague - our branches use the delivery until the following day, delivery in a defined time, delivering THERE+BACK, but also in the opposite direction of consignment delivery, the non-stop service is also important for us.

The cooperation with the courier service is carried out without any problems, it always tries to oblige to our requirements, complies with the agreed time, if three is any misunderstanding, the solution is flexibly clarified with respect to very good communication.

And finally, we would like to thank you very much for all your flexibility so far, and we are glad that hereby we can confirm that we will continue in our existing cooperation.

If you are interested, we will submit to you many other references from our satisfied clients. 

Best regards

LBBW Bank CZ a.s.
pí.Gabriela Vrabcová
Business Support

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